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Updated 22nd May 2020

GREAT NEWS! Canals likely to reopen from 4th July 2020*

The English canals will, we believe, very soon be open for holiday leisure cruising again. Our rural cruising options allow for you to travel in as socially isolated a way as any holiday in the UK can offer, reassured by our thorough yet Covid-compliant cleaning, check-in and handover procedures which give you as much peace of mind as it's possible to give in these uncertain times.

* All dates provided are given in good faith, based on information/authorisations given by HM Government and the Canal and River Trust. Should these authorisations be changed we shall of course post an update and take appropriate action

UK-based Holiday/Short Breaks BEFORE 4th July 2020 If you are UK based we should by now have been in touch with you by phone to arrange a free transfer of your holiday to another date later in the year or to 2021 without extra charge (unless of course you choose to move to a more expensive period such as Summer Holiday). We strongly advise that you arrange a revised date very soon due to the anticpated exceptional booking demand once restrictions are lifted.

UK-based Holiday/Short Breaks AFTER 4th July 2020 Strictly subject to ongoing government/ Canal and River Trust advice/orders we beleive that these bookings should be going ahead. Please do not move your holiday - we will be in touch after the antocipated government announcement on 1st June with arrangements for payment, arrival etc.

Day Hire Bookings after 1st June 2020. It is possible that these may be able to go ahead. Please contact us by email if you have a booking in June or early July to discuss your options. For bookings after 4th July* these will probably be taking place as scheduled so please avoid contacting us for now due to the workload our staff are operating with for shorter-term bookings.

Transfer/Cancellation of Existing Bookings. We will continue to allow for any party (with a provable health or compliance to HM government social guidelines issue e.g. shielding, self isolation)  to transfer their booking to a firm date in 2021 but this must be done no later than 31st May 2020 or two calendar months before your holiday was due to commence, whichever is the later date. For bookings this summer i.e before end August we STRONGLY advise that you contact us by email sooner rather than later if you believe you may be unable to take your holiday for these reasons, especially if your holiday date was in school summer holidays because it is likely that 2021 dates will quickly sell out!

Please note that, with regret, we are not able to offer immediate refunds (in line with our Booking Conditions) since the circumstances in which we find ourselves are outside of our control. In common with all small hospitality businesses we are trying to survive this unprecedented situation (with the support of our bankers) so that we can continue to trade once the crisis has passed. We would appreciate your support and understanding both for us, for our staff - almost all of whom have had to be furloughed, and for the two of us remaining who are under the greatest pressure to try save our livelihood and do the best we can for you, our valued customers.

Our opening hours for our phone lines are Monday-Friday 9am to 4pm (excluding Bank Holidays) but they are likely to be busy and thus engaged. Please email us in preference to calling - we are responding to all emails on a daily basis during this unprecendented crisis.

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CURRENT OFFER Oxfordshire Narrowboats
CURRENT OFFER Oxfordshire Narrowboats
CURRENT OFFER Oxfordshire Narrowboats