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Updated 23rd September 2020

The English canals remain open for holiday leisure cruising and dayhire. Our rural cruising options allow for you to travel in as socially isolated a way as any holiday in the UK can offer, reassured by our thorough yet Covid-compliant cleaning, check-in and handover procedures which give you as much peace of mind as it's possible to offer in these uncertain times.

The 'Rule of Six'

The most recent government Covid 19 legislation (the 'Rule of Six') means that, if you are a single household of any size, or more than one household of six or less, or an official 'works gathering' you may confidently hire with us this Autumn 2020. This applies to both holiday boats and dayhire boats. Our detailed interpretation of the current rules is at the bottom of this page

If you have already booked with a party of 7pp or more we will be contacting you in the next few days to confirm your party make-up. Please note that we will not be allowing more than 6pp on to any one boat unless you sign a declaration confirming that you are complying with this Rule and complete the Crew Manifest: please respect our staff and the Government Rules.

For any new bookings we have now priced our remaining availability for 2020 on our largest (69ft) boats to be as competitive as possible for 6pp or less whilst still, notionally, being described as being for parties of 8pp upwards. Our 69ft boats are almost as easy to navigate as our 60ft and 65ft boats and offer exceptional value for money this Autumn with LOTS of space aboard including two bathrooms!!

Local Lockdowns

In line with our Terms and Conditions which were updated and advertised from July 2020 we are offering free transfer of the break/holiday/dayhire of anyone who finds themselves 'trapped' by a 'local lockdown'. We regret that, as clearly stated in our T&Cs, we are unable to offer refunds unless you booked your holiday before 3rd July 2020.

2021 Bookings

We are already very well booked for 2021 and our advice is to book early, especially for school holidays!

For parties larger than 6pp who are not in one household we are happy to take a provisional booking and hold this until the end of the current restrictions or until 15th December (whichever is the earlier), at which point we will review your booking and discuss how you wish to take this forward. There is no financial commitment on your part until that time so you may book with confidence for 2021!

Our current opening hours for phone lines are 7 days 10am to 4pm BUT please email us in preference to calling - we aim to respond to all emails on a daily basis.

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Oxfordshire Narrowboats Interpretation of Current Government Legislation (as regards numbers for hiring a boat)
Following the latest Government legislation applying from Monday 14th September, the maximum number of persons allowed onto our boats can be up to the boat's capacity but must follow Government legislation (the so-called ‘Rule of Six’). We are not responsible for enforcing the make up of your party but will be recording the names of all persons aboard the boat and, where the number exceeds 6pp the extra persons will be required to justify their presence on the boat in writing on the crew manifest (e.g. member of the family’s 'social bubble') tpgether with siging a declaration that your party is compliant with this legislation.
Reasons for exceeding 6pp which we beleive still meet Government legislation are
a) an official company work gathering
b) a family/household that is larger than 6pp
c) where those above the 6pp limit include no more than one extra adult from outside the household who have booked the boat AND any of their children BUT they must all be a part of the hirer’s family’s social bubble This means that it is possible that there could be a family of any size and then a further adult and their children, right up to 8/10/12pp (the relevant boat’s capacity)
Please note that the responsibility for the hire party make-up is solely that of the Hirer; we accept no responsibility whatsoever. However, should the Police or other authority request proof of the party aboard the boat, we shall be supplying the Crew Manifest, as completed by the Hirer, as evidence that we have fulfilled our responsibilities.
Because you have booked your boat in accordance with our advertised Terms and Conditions and because the boat remains available to you to hire, no refunds are being offered; however, if you would prefer to transfer the booking to a date next season you are very welcome to do so on the specific condition that if similar conditions remain/are legislated for by the Government at the point of your revised hire date no further transfer or refund shall be provided. A £25 transfer administration fee will be charged at the time of transfer.
The final date for any transfers to be accepted by the Company is Monday 21st September or 72hrs before your hire is due to commence, whichever is the sooner

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CURRENT OFFER Oxfordshire Narrowboats
CURRENT OFFER Oxfordshire Narrowboats
CURRENT OFFER Oxfordshire Narrowboats